Miami, 2016

(Usually) I start with a thing that I have or I find, and I do something with it or to it, suggested somehow in the form or function of that thing. Whatever I do opens up a new possible function. What I start with could be an object, like a ashtray, or it could be an idea, like a joke or a line from a poem. When I’ve made more than one thing I put them in a room together, creating relationships.

Imagine an architect making a joke, applying the formal logic of jokes to building and design. I make art like building a joke, creating a site of rupture where the material world and its other can exist simultaneously. 

All art consists of a performance and therefore is always a transaction between audience and performer. My experience making art is as much a part of the work as the viewer’s experience. The two are inseparable parts of a whole. 

Is it too much to state that art, like comedy, is an organizing system capable of expanding meaning and reconfiguring reality, solving seemingly intractable problems through willingness to consider the absurd? 

Laughter has a way of building communities, while challenging social norms, and of challenging ideology, while undermining its own authority. Art, like comedy, is inherently political, but usually just steps off a soapbox onto a banana peel.